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Homeowners Associations

Besides renting properties, TPM also manages many Homeowners Associations throughout Utah County. Because each HOA has a different set of rules, by-laws, and individual needs, TPM has a Portfolio Manager who specifically addresses the HOAs. If you are interested in finding out what TPM can do for your Homeowners Association, please contact the Portfolio Manager Rich Wells, whether by phone or by e-mail. From there an assessment of the HOA will be done and you will be given a proposal.

CALL Rich Wells at 801-375-6719 Ext 115 or Corey Poole Ext 111

Rich Wells

Rich Wells

HOA Portfolio Manager

Rich Wells

HOA Portfolio Manager

Originally from Idaho, Rich has been with TPM, Inc. since his graduation from BYU in 1999. For the past 12 years he has been our HOA Portfolio Manager. He enjoys working with his clients and strives to make the relationship between the HOA and property manager one that is mutually beneficial.

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    Call Rich Wells at 801-375-6719 Ext 115 or Corey Poole Ext 111

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    2230 North University Parkway, 7A Provo, UT 84604