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Please download and fill out the forms you need.

You can mail your application(s) with required documents to the office, drop them off in person, email them to:, or fax them to 801-375-6732. Once we receive your application and documents, we will call you to collect the application fee.


$25 fee per application is required before the application will be processed. Make sure all information is filled out correctly.
Do not leave blank spaces. False or missing information will put your application on hold. Please allow 36 hours before calling to check on your application. Bringing in your pay stubs may speed up the application process. We will need to make a copy of a valid driver’s license.


Cosigners must live in Utah. Plus, Cosigners must have good credit with no bankruptcy, be currently employed, and make enough money to cover the applicants rent after their own bills.
$25 cosigner fee per cosigner application is required before the application will be processed.
We will need to make copies of a valid driver’s license and three of your most current paycheck stubs.


The Tenant must give a written 30-day in order to terminate their lease agreement.
If you are still within the lease terms please fill out the Authorization to Sell Contract.
If you are currently in a month-to-month tenancy or your lease terms are coming to an end (i.e. it’s June 1st and your contract ends June 30th) you will want to turn in a 30-day notice. Please keep in mind that 30-day notices must be given before or on the 1st day of the month in which the resident intends to move.


This form is for Homeowners Associations only. Filling out this form and returning it to TPM, Inc. authorizes TPM, Inc. to withdraw your monthly HOA Dues automatically from your bank account